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Darren Prouty


Darren Prouty is the owner of Precision Propeller and a lifetime of experience. When not in the shop you'll run into Darren at trade shows & events or on the water. He's very active within the National Marine Propeller Association, and is a Spokane County Sherriff Department Rescue Diver. 

Colton Watson


Colton is Darren's son, and has been brought up in the business. He's NMPA certified and is a certified TIG welder. He's an encyclopedia of boat propeller knowledge. When you call or stop into the shop, Colton is available for boat to prop evaluations, and consultations.

The Precision Propeller Story

A legacy of excellence.

Darl Prouty opened up Precision Propeller in 1962 in a shop with a dirt floor. We’ve grown since then, but have still been repairing and selling props ever since. Specializing in custom fabricating and intricate welding, we can repair props back to their original shine. We are also proud dealers of Michigan Wheel propellers.


We pride ourselves on being extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy when it comes to boat propellers. We love helping our customers, and we have served them for more than 50 years.

Our workshop has state-of-the-art tools, all of our employees receive extensive hands-on training, and have a well-earned reputation for excellent work.

From a young age, Darl had an entrepreneurial spirit. When he was a boy, he worked at his family’s dairy company, The Creamery, in Colfax, Washington. Darl delivered milk to families and businesses all around the Palouse. In the early 1960’s, the dairy industry changed drastically, as large dairy corporations started buying up small family dairies, like the one Darl’s family owned.

Darl could see that his time at The Creamery would end soon, and he began to consider what he would do for a living. He saw an opportunity out at the docks one day.

An ardent fisherman, Darl noticed the carnage he and his fishing buddies were creating by exploring the Snake River back in the day. He knew someone needed to service this industry and decided to open up a shop fixing $10 props for $5 apiece. The first shop was on Montgomery Avenue, and it had a dirt floor.

In the 1970’s, the boating industry expanded to include wakeboarding and inbound boats. There was a surge in the company’s growth, because Precision Propeller adapted to the new need. Soon after that, we needed a bigger shop: we are happy to report that this one has a real floor.

Darl was active in the community as a member of The Spokane Yacht Club, The Paul Harris Society of Rotary, and he served on the Hillyard Business Association, and Morning Star Boys’ Ranch.

Darl’s passion, however, was swinging a hammer at Precision Propeller. Full of character and charm, he always entertained people with his sayings. Darl passed away in 2014, and his son Darren, his grandson Colton  are now running Precision Propeller. Every day, we think of Darl and do our best to operate the business in his memory.

“If my lips were any bigger, I would kiss myself.” ~ Darl Prouty

Carry a spare oar else!


30 Day Propeller New or Repair Replacement Guarantee

New Propellers

Return within 30 days as long as products are as sold condition. No impact damage, scratches, etc.


No questioned. If we mess up on a repair, we'll fix it!

Propeller Hub Kits

Hub kits are non-refundable if installation begun. Grease, dirt, etc.

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Located on Freya Street in the Hillyard District of Spokane, we are a quick drive from the North Side, Downtown, Spokane Valley, and South Hill neighborhoods of Spokane.

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