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Boat Propeller Service


We have the products, services, and expertise to help you have the best boating experience possible.

If you want to upgrade your new boat, or accidentally scraped your prop on the bottom of the lake, we are the go-to prop shop in the Inland Northwest.

You can trust us to know what we’re talking about: we have decades of experience with inboards, outboards, impellers, performance props, stainless props, aluminum props, you name it. We love what we do and we are avid boaters, too!

Precision Propellers is a member of the National Marine Propeller Association, which ensures that the work we do is certifiable, and up to the latest safety and regulatory standards.


We offer a replacement guarantee on propeller repairs and new products within 30 days of repair or purchase*. Some conditions apply.

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For Boaters

Own a boat? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Having a prop on your boat in good condition and fitted correctly can make or break your next boat trip. Your boat needs a propeller that is in good condition and correctly fitted, so during your next boating excursion, you can concentrate on the memories and the fish.

At Precision Propeller, we specialize in repairing and selling boat props so you can make sure your boat is performing at its peak ability.

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For Dealers

We may not sell boats, but we sure know a lot about boat propellers!

If you own a boat dealership, and you want to sell props to your customers, we would love to help you to meet your sales goals.

Precision Propeller is a proud distributor of boat props from Michigan Wheel, and we work with dealerships from eight states around the country to provide props for their inventory.

In addition to stocking and selling propellers, we offer several types of services for boat dealers, including sales, repair, evaluation and modification, and recovery.

Get your boat back on the water

We Repair

  • Props
  • Skags 
  • Pontoons 
  • Aluminum Boats 
  • Outboard Jets

We do modifications and evaluations on:

  • Pontoons
  • Aluminum Boats

In-House Welding & Fabricating Services

  • repair and fabricate custom parts for boats, using metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel bronze.

  • In addition, our Heliarc® welder allows us to maintain precision and strength in our repairs, so your prop will stay intact when you need it most.

Boat Prop Repair Services

Prop Repair


We specialize in boat propeller repair for many different types of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel bronze. Because we are accustomed to very precise welding and fabricating orders, our repairs will make your propeller as good as new. 

Prop Blueprinting


We help our customers blueprint their propeller, and provide an upgrade for improved performance. By documenting your RPMs at full throttle, we can see how your current propeller performs, in order to make any necessary modifications to make it perform even better. 

Boat Recovery


The owner of Precision Propeller, Darren Prouty, has been a certified diver since 1979. He gets into the water to inspect boat props for our customers who can’t bring their boat into the shop. If you need assistance retrieving your boat out of the water, we can help. We own trailers and lift bags, and we can assist you or your insurance company in salvaging your boat. 

Welding & Fabricating


Our welders and fabricators have years of experience with intricate welding and fabricating techniques, including HeliArc® welding. We are able to weld and fabricate a variety of metals, including aluminum, nickel bronze, and stainless steel. We are able to repair props and skags, as well as other parts that need some fixing up. We can also do custom fabrication of parts.

Don’t want to come in to drop off your part? Ship it to us and we’ll send it back. 

Pontoon & Aluminum Boat Repair


If there is one thing we know at Precision Propeller, it is how to work with metal. Pontoons and aluminum boats can have impact damage from and getting dinged up by ordinary use. We can repair the hull as well as other parts, like motor brackets or rod holders. Since we specialize in fabrication and welding, we have the capability to get your boat working and looking like new. 

Outboard Jet Repair and Sales


Boaters can easily damage their jets by accidentally vacuuming up debris and rocks from the water floor. At Precision Propeller, we provide jet impeller repair to help get your jet back to work. We are also an authorized dealer of Wooldridge SSTM impellers and specialty manufactured jet pumps. 

Boat to Prop Evaluation

How do you chose the best prop for your boat?


The prop on your boat can be the key indicator to decide how well your boat will perform. As a boater, you want your boat to have a propeller that will achieve peak performance. Many factors go into selecting the right prop for your boat, which is why we offer full boat-to-prop evaluations.

During these evaluations, we’ll get to know more about you as a boater, and your boating habits. Plus, we’ll look at key features on your boat, like your boat description, the pitch of your prop, and your full-throttle RPMs.


How to select a prop for your boat

We are proud distributors of PowerTech boat propellers. This short informative video is an excellent overview on how to chose the correct propr for your boat.